Dear Winter, I hope you like this song…

I know that it has been ages, but I came back to this world and stepped into the winter wonderland. Naturally the song Dear Winter is stuck in my head even though it has nothing to do with the season but still, it is a catchy song and needed to be honoured here.

I decided to do a bit of ice skating and have a proper wander about in the snow, it was well worth it and I will certainly be going back sometime soon. There is still so much to see and do and I can’t wait to show you all.


Outfit: -Pixicat- Prim Coat (Herringbone)

Shoes: The Secret Store – Flamel Boots – Chalk

     Skates: [PPD] Star Girl Ice Skates & Leg Warmers

Hair: Little Bones Relay (The Light)

     Hat: {Momoko} Fluffy Winter  (Cream)

Tattoos: Eyecandy Naturel Gatcha (Scarborough RARE)

Skin: Lumae 

Body: Maitreya Lara

Head: Catwa Lona

{SL15B} The Music Festival

So I was living my best life all day today bouncing between acts at the music festival within the 15th birthday bash for SL. All of the acts I saw were pretty amazing, and I got a perfect dive into a summer music fest. There’s not really anything more I could’ve asked for.

I’ve always craved a good festival, letting loose and letting the music flow through me as I danced the day away. This outfit was the perfect choice for it, and flats were a wise idea.


Top: -Pixicat- Dusk Top (White)

Skirt: -Pixicat- Bohemian Skirt (Rose) {FLF find}

Shoes: fri. Twiggy Flats (Candy)

Hair: Little Bones Close (The Light)

Tattoos: Eyecandy Naturel Gatcha (Scarborough RARE)

Skin: Lumae 

Body: Maitreya Lara

Head: Catwa Lona

Did I find myself?

Yeah, I left for a couple of months to sort myself out, but now I am back. I wont pretend to be deep and say that I found myself, instead I will say that I found my line, the line I wont cross just because someone claims to love me and that is what they want. Finding that line allowed me to find myself, pressed against that line ready to defend it with all I’ve got. I am not going to change because others don’t accept who I am, instead I will gladly show them to the door. I am content to be alone, that’s the difference between me and them, they need someone to be who they want them to be, and I just need me to be real to myself.

So prepare to see more of me.

Selfie Queen_002

Going old school with the maps…

MapsHey guys, I don’t speak French, my phone died on the flight over, and my map is useless. Welcome to France, huh? Thank goodness I was smart enough to take a whore’s bath and change my clothes in the airport. Now to find my AirBnB before the jet lag completely pulls me under and I just fall asleep on the ground.

Head- Catwa Lona

Body- Maitreya Lara

Skin- Lumae Ella

Hair- little bones Tachyon- The Vivid

Top and Bottoms- .miss chelsea. Liza

Shoes- Ingenue Lilith Flats

Pose- Sari Sari Bon Voyage (Includes suitcase and map)

Eat, Pray, Love? Hardly

I suppose in theory that whole single woman trip about the world could be fun. I mean, I certainly enjoy eating, and who couldn’t do with a bit of love. But honestly, the praying bit is where it looses me, unless one counts me muttering under my breath “God this flight is taking forever to board.” or “Jesus, I hope I’ve not lost my passport” and even the occasional “Thank god these shoes come in my size!”

That said, here’s to hoping that my travels, fashion, food, and fun is enjoyed by all, or most, hell, I’ll settle for one or two!




Head- Catwa Lona
Body- Maitreya Lara
Hair- Doe Faye (Gatcha)
Skin- Lumae Ella
Top- .Miss Chelsea. Alva Tank
Bottoms- .Miss Chelsea. Alva Leggings
Shoes- [Atomic] Spring Lita
Pose- Sari Sari Bon Voyage